To take full advantage of the Solar investment a perfect system design is essential. For the quality products and the proper system composition you found the right business partner.
What technical solutions are available?
Is the site/location suited for Solar energy?
What project variables do I have to take into account?
Make the right choices is important, there is no second chance.
Contact Solar Conceptz and we will direct you on the right track. The investment will meet or exceed your expectations and the environmental impact will be very positive.
A Solar energy project represents a considerable investment. Small or large project, it is important to have good understanding of the costs and savings in advance.
What is the annual return on investment for the system/project?
What is the expected payback period?
Is it recomended to finance the system/project partly by debt financing?
What will be the amount of my total savings short as well as long term?
On the basis of our financial analysis all options are on the table and a well thought-out evaluation can be made to weather start the project or cancel the proceedings.
Under the guidance of our project team several large-scale projects have been inititated in the Dominican Republic, on utility-scale level of > 1MW.
Site research, what locations are available, what sites are suitable for Solar?
Feasibility studies, technical designs, financial surveys, project reports.
What financial criteria have priority for investors and funders?
Project presentations and vizualisations.
The utility-scale Solar projects represent enormous business opportunities worldwide. Solar Conceptz will be able to assist you with technical, financial and juridical know-how.
A Solar system that functions independent of the grid and saves the generated power in batteries. For every target group we can deliver custom-made systems.
For recreational outdoor applications.
Remote locations without grid connection, international rural areas.
Mobile off-grid systems as well as fixed systems.
Power everywhere and independed of the grid, very practical!
To calculate the proper sizing of the systems we use special software models. Therefore the systems will be balanced optimally and will have more than enough battery capacity.
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