Solar Conceptz is a specialist in the field of Solar Energy.
We deliver small residential Solar systems as well as all services concerning large utility-scale Solar Plants.

The entire process, from design to installation, can be outcourced to us.
We work completely transparant, our designs and analysis are visually presented and therefor very "readable" for everybody.


Solar Conceptz has the objective to help and further develop Solar Energy in The Netherlands and Internationally.

There are lots of new developments in the Solar Energy Industry and more innovations still to come.
Solar Conceptz wants to lead and introduce new technologies, as they emerge, for the benefit of their (potential) customers.

  We help you make a very good Solar return  
We produce unique detailed Solar designs
Solar Conceptz delivers high quality Solar Energy products and services
We follow new technologies and innovations to your benefit
Our low overhead costs guarantee best value for money
Each Solar system we sell has a positive impact to the environment

Especially in recent years there have been tremendous progress in the efficiency of Solar panel production. As a result Solar Energy is much more accessible to a larger group of people due to lower prices.

Due to the emergence of flexible Solar cells in the future many products can be integrated with Solar.
In addition BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaïcs) will have an important role in the future with the integration of Solar in new homes.

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